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As a caregiver for my father and being a single mother of a ten year old, I've had some trying times myself. Not wanting to put my father in a nursing home and wanting him to have quality of life, and having him home around his family, I needed help.
In my search for caregivers, I came across Marek Employment Agency. I was able to interview several caregivers and make my own choice as to whom I would like to have care for my father. Words cannot describe the wonderful care my father received! When the time to call in hospice came, even the hospice nurses were very impressed with the wonderful care my father had been given. I cannot praise the person enough who had cared for my father and the wonderful care she had given him. Not only did she give me peace of mind, but also lifted a great burden from my shoulders given such a trying time in my life. I highly recommend Marek Employment Agency.

If at any time you would like to talk to me about this please feel free to call me at 708-782-003.

Lorie Murtland




This letter is to help you know how my family feels about the service we have received from Marek Grabowski's agency.
My father is 84 years old with multiple sicknesses of Diabetes, Dementia, Lung Cancer and half of his left foot amputated last June 18 th 2003 just to mention a few. It's very difficult for our close family to put our father in a nursing home when we wouldn't be able to visit him daily. In order for our family to have peace of mind that Dad is being taken care of the way that he cared for our needs growing up, we need to see his progress every day and the only way we could do that was to keep him at home. Marek's agency has given us peace of mind with the care his employees are providing for our father. They are so considerate that they even worked out an arrangement that when Barbara (Dad's caregiver) takes time off he gets the same replacement caregiver (Ava). With Dementia patients this is important to keep changes minimal and they are doing that. It's not just the medical care that is provided but also the companionship and integrity that his employees continue to show. They truly are worried just as we are when Dad doesn't eat or he just wants to stay in bed all day. We've had other caregivers from different agencies and there is no comparison in the professionalism Marek's employees show. Keeping Dad as active as possible within his capabilities has been their goal even though he gives them a hard time as sick clients do.
I highly recommend the services of Marek Grabowski's agency and the employees he screens for employment. We have had a very pleasing experience and now friendship with his employees.


Mrs. Corine M. Gach

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